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Once again, investors from the Indian subcontinent have topped the list of expatriate investors in Dubai’s property market, as total transactions cross Dh64 billion in the first quarter 2015, according to the Dubai Land Department (DLD).
Indians topped the list of expatriate property investors, buying properties worth Dh3.04 billion.

Pakistanis came in second with investments worth Dh1.392 billion, followed by British nationals who bought properties worth Dh1.89 billion.
Iranians and Russians are also among the top buyers, with investments worth Dh633 million and Dh509 million, respectively.
Overall, the total value of non-Arab investment crossed Dh12 billion through 5,466 investors from 102 nationalities.
Emiratis were the biggest investors of all (topping the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) state list as well), buying properties worth Dh5.799 billion.

A total of 1,964 citizens from the GCC contributed Dh9 billion.

Saudi nationals came second with investments of Dh1.890 billion, followed by Kuwaitis with Dh500 million; Qataris with Dh522 million; Omanis spent Dh147 million and Bahrainis, Dh199 million.
Jordanians took the first place with transactions worth Dh708 million on the list of other Arab nationals. Egyptians came second buying properties worth Dh390 million; Lebanese, Dh505 million and Iraqi nationals Dh379 million.

They were followed by Yemen, Sudan, Palestine and Algeria, though no figures were revealed.