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The Dubai Health Authority held its smart clinic to discuss the importance of posture control and movement to prevent body pain
and stiffness.

Information was disseminated  to the community via DHA’s Twitter page and Instagram account.

Dr. Isam Al Mikhi, specialist physiotherapist at the Dubai Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre, said: “Dependence on computers and digital technology along the long hours of work can lead to postural problems.

Therefore, physiotherapists strongly advice people especially those working for long hours to follow proper office ergonomics.”

This includes correct chair height, adequate equipment spacing and good desk posture so that people can protect themselves from body pain and stiffness.

Al Mikhi said, “ Incorrect office ergonomics can lead to neck, back, wrist and shoulder pains. In some cases the nerves can become compressed and this causes tingling in fingers. These symptoms are a sign of repetitive strain injury(RSI) which is caused due to muscle stress due to incorrect posture.”

Al Mikhi advised that people should ensure the chair, desk and computer screen is aligned to their body. “ They should take regular five minute breaks and not sit on their chairs for long. The breaks should be taken every 45 minutes to an hour. This is very important to prevent body pain and stiffness.”

He also warned that excessive use of smart phones is a major cause of neck, wrist and arm pain. “We have a patient who suffers from trigger fingers and pain in his wrists because of excessive use of his smart phone.  We have also treated teenagers who suffer from repetitive strain injury(RSI) that is caused due to excessive use of  play stations.”

Al Mikhi also advised parents to ensure their children do not carry heavy school bags. “ This can cause bending of the spine and long-term damage.”

Tharanath Nair, senior physiotherapist at the DPRC said: “Sedentary lifestyle and obesity are also major factors that trigger body aches and pains. Back and knee pains due to obesity is a common phenomenon we witness.”

Zainulabedin Madathel, senior physiotherapist at the DPRC said: “Tackling excessive weight is a key factor that can help improve patient outcomes for various diseases that are triggered or caused by weight gain.  Our advice to all our patients is to get moving, reduce stress levels and eat healthy food in regular intervals.”

The Dubai Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre provides a range of services including physical therapy for geriatric and pediatric patients, patients with muscular skeleton and sport injuries, cardiopulmonary and neurological physiotherapy.