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Sri Lankan news app “Mogo Reader,” which became a Global winner in the Google Business Groups stories contest out of 317 participants from around the world, has been officially launched and is now available for download on Google Play.  

Developed for Android and available on Google Play, Mogo Reader offers categorized, localized news while allowing the country’s mobile users to have access to news items relevant to them in their own language.

Mogo Reader’s creators are banking on its potential as only the first step in an Asia-wide enterprise with enormous potential.

Last year, Mogo Reader became a Global winner in the Google Business Groups stories contest out of 317 participants from around the world. For GBG Stories Challenge there were hundreds of submissions from more than fifty countries from people who are doing extraordinary things with technology, changing lives and creating opportunities.

Mogo Reader was built in the Google Cloud using Android. Vimukthi Liyanage, Co-Founder and CEO of Mogo Reader, is a trained developer who has used his knowledge and resources to capitalize on the mobile revolution. Vimukthi and his partner Shameera have secured impressive venture capital funding to help realize their vision.

There’s no question that there’s a real demand for Mogo Reader. 4500 users have already signed up in the short time the app has been available. As entrepreneurs, Vimukthi, his partner and their financial backers know it’s vital to start promoting a service and talking to users from day one. The first users of Mogo Reader are providing vital feedback to shape the app, realize its potential and help secure future pan-Asian success. As Vimukthi says, “The next step is a complete launch, in Sri Lanka first. Then, we’re planning a massive roll-out in different Asian countries.”

“We are now experiencing a boom in the startup culture in Sri Lanka. Anyone with a Laptop and an Internet connection is able to develop a revolutionary creation. So Implement your ideas today. The next Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates can emerge from Sri Lanka. No one can stop it.”